Project owner's monitoring


The challenge

Project owner's monitoring:

  • Monitor actual cost towards budget and deadlines
  • Track progress: Cost, cash flow, commitments and productivity
  • Top-down planning
  • Handle projects and their documents

The Adrega PI solution

The project owners can analyse the status of all projects. Adrega PI provides a quick overview of the status of each project. It is easy to look into the project programs, individual projects or subprojects in order to identify and analyse problems that occur at an earliest possible stage. The project owner has a flexible tool that covers the entire workflow in the project from planning, budgeting and allocation of resources all the way to follow-up and reporting.

  • The tracking view lets you have a clear view of status with regard to tasks, milestones, and phases
  • Save status which preserves the history of how the project has progressed
  • Save status when you want to. It can be weekly, monthly, last Sunday of the month or other special requirement
  • Status periods can change throughout the project when you need more detailed followup
  • Get a portfolio view of your projects, all projects in a program
  • As a project manager, seeing all your projects in one location is a must have. Group them in any way you need to see your project data
  • Ability to easily share projects with associated managers and even guests
  • Standardise layouts, project structures column names to support repeatability. Do it once, not every time a project is created
  • Improve “On Budget On Time” performance
  • Delivers end-to-end capabilities to support organisations to prioritise investments and optimise resources across all projects
  • Control projects and use project data proactively 
  • Visualise performance by using features such as “Stepped progress front line”, Earned Value, step through links and display trend reports

Resource management enables staff allocation via a resource repository. Via integration with project timelines, it supports resource loading and levelling (natively or via third-party tool integration).

Cost management (from the ERP system) enables the tracking of labour hours and other costs, enabling (at the high end) earned value management and the chargeback or billing of project expenses.

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