Primavera reporting with web dashboard


The challenge

As many users of Oracle Primavera® are aware, the Primavera reporting solution has numerous limitations. Not only are there issues with the flexibility of the reporting functionality, but the management of multi users, global and project access rights, and not least support for multi-cut-off dates (last Sunday of the month, second Friday of the month and bi-weekly) all contrive to make reporting a complicated, time consuming and frustrating process.

For users providing specific reports to clients in the oil and gas sector, complying with these requirements is a time-consuming exercise. This has forced the development of ad-hoc reporting solutions (primarily built around Excel) that require the regular export of data from Primavera, with a lot of additional configuration in Excel to format data correctly. Such spreadsheets are often owned by each user, and when they leave the project or the company, the reporting solution also leaves with them.

Something as benign as reporting to the “Last Sunday of Each Month” creates for a Primavera user its own set of problems, as this period is not supported in Primavera “Out of the Box”. Other examples of reporting inflexibility include no support for “Late” schedule curves, no support for the standard cost and work/units period and cumulative performance reports or S-Curves with table charts. All must have requirement for many clients. So, to produce such reports there is often a need for two additional reporting tools to be used; one to create S-Curves and performance reports and another to produce better quality Gantt charts. 

Having to work with multiple tools adds a level of complexity and sources of errors to the reporting process that the Adrega Primavera Reporting Tool removes by replacing all ad-hoc reporting tools with a single, centralised, fit for purpose, role-based reporting solution.


The Adrega PI solution 

As Adrega has built-in support for all of the aforementioned reporting needs, plus many other equally needed features, we came to the conclusion that if we could support the import of Primavera projects, we would be able to offer Primavera users a reporting solution that would:

  • Dramatically reduce time spent creating reports
  • Consolidate reporting into a single professionally supported solution
  • Improve the quality and consistency of reporting
  • Provide a range of reporting options that were not available within Primavera
  • Support a centralised reporting solution available through a web browser on a company wide basis.
  • Users with different roles would have instant access to Adrega’s reporting module without the need for reorganising access rights in each Primavera project
  • Provide clients and internal management with a wide range of reports that supported the reporting requirements for projects in the oil and gas sector
  • Support other market segments that required similar reports

To make reporting from a P6 project more productive and provide access to an expanded range of reports and associated features, became the primary goals Adrega set out to achieve with this reporting solution.

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