Adrega AS releases Adrega PI version 4.1

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1 October 2015 – Adrega AS, the software company which develops the web-based project and portfolio management tool Adrega PI (Project Intelligence), has released Adrega PI v4.1 for its clients. Adrega PI is a technology leading project scheduling and control tool designed for project and portfolio management (PPM). This release of Adrega PI boasts an intuitive and advanced dashboard upgrade that further supports the projects’ visibility in corporate decision making. Visibility is also key in why we in this new release support import and reporting on Primavera P6.

With the Primavera P6 project imported into Adrega the full range of standard reporting features are immediately available to a user. As this is a fully supported solution, all enhancements made to the standard Adrega Reporting module will automatically be made available to Primavera users.

By providing visibility into projects status, resource spending, resource conflicts and demands within the tool, management have the ability to more accurately plan and control their projects and build layouts for up-to-date input to corporate decision-making.

With this new release, management gets higher confidence that they have adequate resources and skillsets to meet the demands of their business and strategy, by optimizing the allocation of resources in the planning stage and increasing their efficiency during project execution and delivery. Forecasting accuracy of manpower is increased by identifying and predicting resource gaps ahead of roadmap execution.


In its mission to deliver practical project solutions, Adrega P6 reporting provides a bridge between Adrega PI and Oracle Primavera® software, giving companies a fully integrated project planning and scheduling solution that ensures data shared between systems retains its integrity. As a result, the entire organization from project managers to executive management gain visibility into past, present and expected project performance to ensure that schedules are met, budgets are maintained and resources are properly and economically allocated.

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The executives’ core responsibility is to accomplish corporate objectives, and focus must be on determining which projects should be continued or which are no longer in line with your company's strategy.

Projects are collaborative by nature. This requires that all information relevant to that project must be integrated and visible to the different project stakeholders, such as company executives, senior management, and the project team. To gain visibility, project deliverables, risk, costs, revenue and project key dates must be communicated and integrated into a single system as a source of relevant reporting.

Project visibility enables insight into the health of a project at any given point in time and as such provides a basis on which appropriate actions and decisions can be made to address concerns and issues before they present a major risk.

Visibility facilitates the executive decision making process by providing accurate information and a realistic perspective of the projects that are being executed within the company. Project managers and project owners gain more visibility and can provide accurate business intelligence through the use of dashboards for input to corporate decision-making.

By the use of dashboards, presenting real-time project updates is a breeze. Senior management can easily see how many projects there are, what programs these projects are sitting in, which ones are in trouble or at risk, and then which ones are on target.

Accessible and accurate project reporting allows for informed decision-making in determining and prioritizing funding and the allocation or reallocation of resources for both existing and potential new projects. Decision making that is relevant to the company’s objectives focuses on the right projects in a portfolio and ensures both individual project and business success.

Studies show that when there is clear communication and visibility with respect to the scope of the project deliverables, project risk, costs and scheduling constraints, common errors that cost time and money decrease significantly.


Primavera reporting - Import P6 XML files supports Add & Update of existing project

Dependent Activity - New Activity type Dependent Activity acts as a "Hammock" same as Primavera P6 Level of Effort activity and SafranWork loaded Activity

Gantt chart displayed in the Dashboard - Gantt charts can now be included in Report Bundles for display in the Dashboard. Option to drill down, print, cycle and zoom. Additional settings for Gantt charts can be modified in Gantt preview and saved directly to update the Gantt report template

New Pie chart - New Pie chart report type displayed in the Dashboard using a Report Bundle

The activity details pane "User Tabs" is new and expanded - Create your own user defined tabs, for example Material Costs and Expenses.


Adrega PI enables companies to rely on Adrega PI as the single solution they need for project portfolio management. With strong integration capabilities to various ERP systems, our customers can quickly and effectively integrate their Adrega and ERP systems. Adrega is committed to putting value in our customer’s investments to ensure that they have the best applications to run their business and manage their projects.


Adrega AS is a Norwegian software company which develops the web-based project and portfolio management tool Adrega PI (Project Intelligence) as well as offering consultancy services and support. Adrega PI is a leading tool for planning and executing projects of all sizes and complexity.

We have considerable experience from the IT sector and the oil and gas industry, and have senior project control and project management personnel as employees. Our development team has worked with similar solutions over many years and have in-depth knowledge of project management and the types of issues a product like Adrega PI has to solve.

Many features implemented in Adrega PI are as the result of close cooperation with our customers. We have responded to user requirements and turned them into unique functionality that elegantly solves customer problems. Being proactive in listening to our customers’ needs and keeping them informed about our product release plans means that it is a short path from a good idea being requested to it being added to our product.

Adrega PI has been in daily use by many companies since 2005. Adrega has strong customer relations and installations with industry leaders, where Adrega PI is well integrated in their workflows and ERP systems. Adrega PI fulfils oil & gas industry requirements for project reporting.

For more information contact:

John Griffiths, Product Manager, +47 67 10 90 20

Jan Grimnes, CEO, +47 67 10 90 39