Introducing the brand new Adrega PI 5.0


Adrega is very happy to introduce our first step towards a new generation of our project and portfolio management system.

Adrega PI has been through an overhaul and we are introducing a brand-new user interface. The desktop client consists of tools for project planning, approval of timesheets and resource analysis. A new web client, which is browser and operating system independent, is the new tool for time reporting, timesheet approval and your project Home page. Your settings are now moved to web client. This web client is accessible from devices running Windows, Apple operating systems and Android.

The reporting module and the dashboard remains in Internet Explorer. These modules will be available in the new web client later in 2019.

The new user interface

The general layout and all icons are new, but the functionality remains the same. You can use the mouse over to learn what the different tools do. We do hope that the new modules will be easy to understand.

There is a new tab in Time Reporting for selecting the projects you have worked on, and a search field for finding your specific activities in the specific project In the time reporting module. The new “Pinned” tab is where you store activities you might need but do not need in the timesheet for the current period. The help manual will tell you more.

We have introduced a “quick approve” tool in this new web client that can be used for approving hours if you do not need access to detailed project information.

The updated Desktop client

The desk top client has a new user interface as well. The module selector is in the black upper section while the work flow steps are on the left hand side of the view.

We have developed a new project overview page, which is the starting point for giving you more information about your project portfolio “at a glance”. You can now display spark lines in the table to visualize e.g., how your current estimates develops over time.

New monitoring tool

We have introduced duration as a new way of monitoring progress. When you do not record hours or cost in your projects, you can use duration as a modelling tool. The user manual describes this in more detail and we can present this in more detail if you are interested.

Time sheet approval

You can approve timesheets both in the web client and in the desktop client depending on what is convenient for you. The tools in the desktop module are similar to the ones you have today.

The Reporting tool and the Dashboard

These tools are available through Internet Explorer. You edit reports and share them in the dashboard as before. These two modules will be available in the new web client in Adrega PI version 5.1 which will be released after the summer.

The Adrega team hope that you will enjoy working with our updated system and look forward to giving you more tools throughout 2019.

For more information about our latest release, please contact us via our website contact page or by phone +47 67 10 90 20.