Adrega PI version 4.7 is now released

Adrega 4.7

Adrega PI is a technology-leading project scheduling and control tool designed for project and portfolio management (PPM). Adrega PI boasts an intuitive and advanced dashboard that supports the projects’ visibility in corporate decision-making. Visibility is also key in our Primavera P6® reporting tool. Our focus when developing this new version has been adding new planning tools and further modernizing the system architecture.

New Planning functionality includes:

  • Non-linear distribution
  • Excel style planning
  • Introduces new Notes section

The Reporting module now has:

  • Added support for new curves at register and activity levels
  • Added support for non-standard reporting periods
  • Extended configuration tools

The Time capture part has:

  • Added new usability tools
  • Use timesheets as approved for invoicing

Primavera import:

  • Support of non-linear distribution, note topics, added new curve support
  • Import of multiple projects
  • Import projects using web-services

The planning module is now launched from outside Internet Explorer to support large projects requiring more memory than what the browser can offer. The interaction between the desktop part and the other modules, which remains in Internet Explorer, is very similar to what you are used to. The tabs in the program help you navigate between the modules just like before. You will notice the change when you open the system the first time when the system tells you that it is stalling the desktop app.

We have also added new tools for reporting. Page layout in the dashboard is defined in the report bundle. You can also see who you have shared bundles with in a tabular report. Bundles in the dashboard are sorted alphabetically or user defined. All Gantt reports are now accessible from the Home module. The dashboard is extended to support time-phased data.

All import routines for MS Project, MS Excel, and Primavera are expanded to support more features.

We aim to help you use Adrega PI as your reporting engine for all your different projects and different file types.

For more information about our latest release, please contact us via our website contact page or by phone +47 67 10 90 20.