Adrega PI introduces project compare reporting feature

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How often have you heard the questions “How does scenario 1 compare to scenario 2?” or “What’s the effect on float between different scenarios?” Simple questions I am sure you will all agree with me, but how can you view project data easily and visually compare project schedule data of any type between in 2 or even 3 different versions of your project until now has not been easy to do.

With the release of Adrega PI v4.5, Adrega is introducing what we believe is a unique feature that is a new option called “Compare” that can be used with Report Bundles.

When you create a Report Bundle you add the projects you would like to compare. Note that you can add as many as you like, so if you see the need you can compare 3 or even 4 scenarios in the same Report Bundle. The next step is to select the reports you would like use for comparison. This could include Gantt reports filtered to show critical not started activities, total float in each project as shown in the example on the left as well as any number of Graphical and tabular reports where for example you would like to compare early and late work distribution in a Project Work S-Curve.

In step 3 of the Report Bundle option select:

1.       Compare Reports by projects

2.       View in Dashboard

3.       Report layout option

This last option is another new feature in v4.5 that allows you the user to select a viewing layout in the Dashboard that displays the reports in the bundle in a logical sequence. In this example the comparison reports will display “2 reports by 2 rows” but an alternative layout that could be used might be “2 Reports by 1 Row”.

Once your Compare bundle has been saved, use the “Share” option to share with other users and as with other Report Bundles shared with users, the Compare bundle will appear in the users list of available Report Bundles in their Personal Dashboard.

The example below shows Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 using the 2 reports by 1 row layout option where it is very easy to see that changes in Scenario 2 the project in the right Gantt report has resulted in a large number of activities becoming critical.

Critical activity impact


The Adrega PI Reporting Solution for Primavera P6 offers many unique capabilities, and adding the ‘Compare’ feature to Report Bundles is in short, awesome! Report Bundles already saves companies a huge number of manhours every month by bundling reports and even automatically saving them to pdf. As you can see, the new ‘Compare’ capability offers a very quick and simple way to make project comparisons. 

Adrega PI is already a must have for any Primavera P6 user, and by adding the ‘Compare’ feature just makes Adrega PI a no-brainer.

Contact Adrega to get a PDF with examples of how this feature looks in your Personal Adrega Dashboard.