Integration and implementation

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Integration friendly system with webservice

  • ERP systems: Connect your ERP system to allow 2-way integration of project information cost, work and expenses
  • Document management: Access documents from within Adrega PI that are stored in the cloud or on an in-house system, for example SharePoint, using built-in functionality
  • Microsoft Office: Talk with Office applications such as Excel to seamlessly import and export data

Deployment as SaaS or in-house

Adrega PI can be installed locally on your own hardware with Microsoft SQL server as the database or as a SaaS (ASP) solution where the application is installed and managed by our partner. Our partner is responsible for guaranteed up-time and uninterrupted access to Adrega PI as well as the data security of the data stored on their servers.

All data stored in a shared SQL database

Adrega PI saves all project data in a Microsoft SQL database. This provides access to all users of Adrega PI (depending on their role) to the information they need when they need it, whether it is for one project, a group of projects or the entire project portfolio. Removing silos and consolidating all project data into a single centrally accessed database removes the problem of decisions being made based on the wrong criteria.


Data security is implemented in Adrega PI as part of Microsoft’s .net model for data communication. All communication between the server and the client is encrypted.

Integration with other IT systems

Adrega PI has been designed to support integration with your company’s other internal systems, such as ERP, accounting and payroll. Adrega recognises that data must be shared with other systems in order to optimise use of project data across the organisation. The first step in the integration process is to prototype the transfer of data using import and export with Excel files. Adrega PI has extensive support in this area and is a cost-effective way to start the integration process. Where the use of Excel is not seen as a long-term solution, a programmed integration can be provided for example by using one or a number of webservices.

Training and courses

We recommend a two-day introduction course for all Adrega PI users, continued by ongoing assistance to improve mastering the software system. The introduction course is usually held at the customer’s premises, with maximum eight participants. Such courses are normally adapted to the individual client’s Project Management or Earned Value Management methodology, processes, tools, and roles, ensuring that the training outcome is real and practical.

Please contact us to learn how you can implement Adrega PI in your business!