Timescale Range report options

Time reporting module - user 2015-06.png

Adrega PI supports the setting of a pre-defined timespan in the template wizard. A user can pre-set the timespan to be used by the report and include the report in a report bundle, where any number of reports can be configured with different timespan settings. 

In previous versions of Adrega PI the choice of default fields that could be selected for the timespan start and finish values was limited. The number of date fields that can be selected has been significantly increased.

To provide even more flexibility to configure user defined timescale ranges, it is possible to set an offset value to be used with a system date field or a user entered date.

For example you would like the start date of the report to use the current status date, but you also would like to see values included in the report each time the report is run for the period before the current status period.

This is now supported through the “Offset” option. Here you can enter an offset value under the selected date field, for example “1M”. This will reset the start date of the report to the current status date –1 month. You can enter an offset value in days, or use W for week, Q for quarter or Y for years to create the desired offset.

With the timescale range settings now saved with the report template. Multiple reports can now be run without the need to manually configure each report at run time.