Dashboard in Adrega PI

Dashbord 2015-08.png

Visualise and share project data with Adrega’s dashboard feature

This reporting feature supports the creation and management of insightful and engaging dashboards using the wizard based reporting functionality. The dashboard is accessed through the Home module, and permission is added to allow users to access the dashboard option and view reports they have created or have been shared with them.

The following report types can be displayed as report widgets in the dashboard:

  • Graphical Project S-Curve
  • Graphical Fixed Cost S-Curve
  • Graphical Resource S-Curve
  • Graphical Project Trend Report
  • Graphical Resource Load and Capacity
  • Graphical Fixed Cost Stacked Histogram
  • Project Information Tabular Report Type
  • Project Performance Tabular Report Type

Reports to be displayed in the Dashboard are added to a “Report Bundle” which can be shared with multiple users. Selecting the option “Show in Dashboard” will automatically load the reports included in the bundle to a user’s personal dashboard.

Key benefits of this feature are:

  • Decision monitoring - Consolidate multiple projects, reports and report groups into a single dashboard
  • Information management – Use the existing reporting tools to make information available to all project members and executive management
  • Insight sharing – Share critical information with named users
  • Connect to live data – Using the refresh option and report widgets can be updated in real time with live project data
  • Interactive data visualisation – Develop and deploy sophisticated dashboard report sets in minutes using the exiting report template and report bundle features
  • Take control of project data – Turn raw project data into easy to understand charts that will help managers and users understand key performance factors more quickly and thoroughly

Feature highlights

  • User defined default dashboard report set
  • Override the default and select one or many report sets to view directly in the Dashboard
  • Change layout and number of report widgets to display per dashboard page
  • Drill down supported in tabular reports widgets
  • Show and hide legends
  • Maximise for full screen viewing
  • Save as an image file
  • Mouse over for display of values
  • Cycle option for auto creation of a summarised set of report widgets where multiple projects are included in a Dashboard report bundle