Calculations in Adrega PI

Current - Actual - Remaining

Calculation of Current or user assigned

On Project level there is an option of either calculating Current as Actual + Remaining or letting Current and Actual be independent of each other.

Setting project option to Manual Input of Current values allows Actual to be independent of Current. It also it forces an calculation of Remaining.

Baseline and Original

In Adrega PI, the Original and Baseline are copies of the Current value saved in the beginning of the project. 

Automatic calculation of % Complete

In Adrega progress can either be entered manually or be calculated from the relation between Actual and Current. 

Earned Value calculation of Baseline

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Planned Percent Complete

Planned Percent Complete is calculated from the baseline schedule and is used a variable in the planned value calculations.

Planned Value

Planned value is a multiplication of planned percent and the baseline values. The planned values are therefore available both for work, cost etc.

Schedule Performance

Schedule Performance Index is an indicator of how the project is progressing compared to planned.

Cost Performance Index

Cost Performance Index is like Scheduler Performance Index a KPI in the project. Cost Performance Index is an indicator of the relation between Earned Value and Actual Value.